Floor Standing Water Pressurisation Systems


The equipment is suitable for systems operating at pressures up to 10 bar(g), the individual pressurisation set should be selected for the required cold fill pressure.

The onscreen information is configured to be clear, using the dot matrix display, and messages are self explanatory.

All SI Pumps pressurisation equipment is suitable for connection to systems with glycol concentrations up to 50%.

The Range

125       Single pump, 2.5 bar(g) maximum delivery pressure
150       Single pump, 5.0 bar(g) maximum delivery pressure
225       Twin pump, 2.5 bar(g) maximum delivery pressure
250       Twin pump, 5.0 bar(g) maximum delivery pressure
280       Twin pump, 9.5 bar(g) maximum delivery Pressure

SI Digital Floor Standing Pressurisation Units


(bsp male)
125  480  330  800  ½"  28 SI-FS-125 PU
 150  480  330   800  ½"  28  SI-FS-150 PU
 225  480  330   800  ½"  34  SI-FS-225 PU
 250  480  330   800  ½"  36  SI-FS-250 PU
 280  680  730  1590  ½"  170  SI-FS-280 PU

Description: Digital pressurisation equipment including,

  • Password protection for parameter entry.
  • neon power on indicator.
  • WRAS approved break tank and float valve.
  • Electric pump, 230v 50Hz single phase.
  • Electronic pressure transmitter.
  • Normally closed, common fault, volt free contact.
  • Normally open volt free contacts for high pressure, low pressure, transducer health and pump health (x2).
  • Flood protection both as maximum pump run limiter in minutes and excessive demand alarm (>3 times in 8 hours), user activated option.
  • Event logging for pump start, individual pump run hours counter, electrical interruption, general alarm counter.
  • Pump start differential in 0.1 bar increments.
  • Pressure setting and alarm setting in 0.1 bar increments.
  • Non overlapping parameter entry.
  • Service reminder option (12 months).
  • Pump pulse option (2 second pulse if inactive for 60 days) , user activated option.
  • System fill option (Continuous run until set pressure is reached or 24 hours maximum run time, which ever is sooner) , user activated option.
  • RS485 connectivity.
  • Variable ID number for installations with multiple pressurisation units (99 variants).
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