Established 30 years ago and going strong...


Unlike many new businesses which wither and die, long before they get into their third decade, SI Pumps is still going strong and we are now entering our fourth decade of trading.

From humble beginnings and operating from a tiny workshop, we specialised in the early days in the refurbishment of a range of pumps, in and around the Oxford area. How that has all changed. We now operate from a sizeable unit, which was recently doubled in size to cater for the increased demand for our services as our reputation grew. From simple refurbishment in our formative years, we have expanded our range of services to include the supply and installation of most of the major brands of pumps, whilst also include, Service and Maintenance plus Design and Surveys as complementary services

Whilst Botley in Oxfordshire still remains our head office, we have also recently opened a standalone office within the Heathrow complex for our SI Facilities Management division.

This division has the same capability as our Oxford set-up but can also provide additional services such as Mechanical and Electrical installation and maintenance. Whilst quite naturally servicing a lot of the Heathrow airport terminals’ requirements and those of the ancillary businesses located within the complex, it is conveniently located to service the wider requirements of organisations throughout Greater London.

For those individuals who have been working with us throughout those thirty years, you might like to cast your mind back to what else was happening around that time:

  • The average house price was £44,040
  • The M25 circling London is completed
  • British newspapers move to Wapping, East London to break the print union stranglehold over the newspaper industry
  • Soviet nuclear reactor at Chernobyl explodes on April 26 releasing radioactive material across much of Europe
  • Europe was in the news again as Spain and Portugal join the ECC
  • Mike Tyson becomes the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history
  • Richard Branson on the 72ft powerboat, Virgin Challenger 11, breaks the world record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic
  • Top Gun, Aliens and Stand by me, three of the year’s most popular films, were released
  • Don’t leave me this way by the Communards and Chain Reaction by Diana Ross were the two most popular singles

So here’s to the next 30 years……..

Posted: 27.05.2016
Tags:  latest

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