The Markets we Service

Building Services
We support and supply to everyone involved in the building industry from professional architects, designers and engineers to the many types of builders working on new build to refurbishment projects for commercial and professional offices as well as property developers. Additionally we supply irrigation pumps for golf courses, and the grounds of large houses and parks..
n much the same way as we work with professionals and builders in the commercial sector, we also support and supply those working on domestic building projects; including those for residential properties and blocks of flats (both in the private and council owned sectors). Yet again, we are happy to supply for new build or refurbishment work and also provide specialist swimming pool pumps for small domestic pools and Jacuzzis
In addition to working with owners and landlords for this sector, we are also frequently called upon to work with facilities managers or managing agents of commercial and professional office blocks. At one and the same time we are also able to cope with the pump requirements for the surrounding grounds, together with those specified for many new builds including spas, swimming pools and gymnasiums.
Here we supply heating pumps which are suitable for warehouse, manufacturing plants, power stations and other types of industrial buildings’ installation, as well as pumps for chilled water applications. We are always pleased to arrange for one of our specialist advisers to visit your site in order to advise on which pumps are best suited to your requirement.
We are experienced in supplying and installing a wide selection of pumps for many types of educational establishment, from schools and colleges right up to universities. In having a base in Oxford we are frequently called upon to work with the many colleges in the area. Equally, in addition to the main buildings we supply for other buildings which may be situated on the campus, such as administrative blocks, libraries, sports halls and swimming pools.
Our work in this sector is quite diverse, encompassing the supply of pumps for local and national government buildings, including town halls, hospitals (private as well as NHS), libraries, sewage/water pumping stations (rainwater harvesting pumps), municipal swimming pools, public parks and sports grounds (irrigation pumps).
We supply specialist irrigation pumps for farms, their outbuildings and farm land to ensure that crops can thrive even in the harshest of droughts. For those in remote locations the use of well pumps or rainwater harvesting pumps may well provide the solution for the supply of potable water. Our irrigation pumps are also suitable for those properties with sizeable grounds or gardens, parks, sports or playing fields and golf courses.

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